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Calculation and remuneration with Tracknamic Mobility

We are the telematics solution provider for Transmec and we have taken an active role in implementing the requirements of the Mobility Package. Transmec has thus become one of the main pilot customers for the Tracknamic Mobility solution.

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Tracknamic – mindset, attitude and effort vs current challenges

Resolutions at the end of the year have a long time since loosing their substance. We live in an age where we are afraid of future plans, given that the global socio-economic situation has become an ”ocean of shifting sands”. How do we draw the line at the end of a difficult year? We had a short discussion with Tracknamic CEO, Istvan Barta, about how you can evolve despite the bad times and how can you keep your courage and optimism without falling into disappointment. 

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Tracknamic – The courage to experiment

From the very beginning, we had a resolution from which we never deviated in the five years of existence: we were with customers and partners, at all stages, observing and analyzing carefully everything that involves the transport industry.

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A successful recipe: HU-GO toll. OBU equipment. GPS monitoring

Fleet managers must always take into account the fees they have to pay. In addition to the taxes on of the vehicles they own, there are other financial obligations that must be respected, more precisely the tolls related to the countries in which the cars pass.  

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The digital tachograph and The Tracknamic solution

The tachograph, nicknamed the “black box” of the vehicles, is the most efficient device that can provide “evidences” in case of road accidents. This is a device that facilitates control of the vehicle and the driver’s mode of operation.

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As the price of the fuels is constantly rising, the fleet monitoring is of major importance for the productivity and growth of companies. 

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GPS Monitoring

GPS monitoring facilitates in real time the tracking of vehicles/car equipment on the map and the routes they perform are also displayed. You can view the routes of all vehicles on the map or only those selected by you.

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A car fleet is a group of cars owned by a company, agency or organization, such as car rental companies, taxi companies, transport companies, utility distribution companies etc. 

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