Tracknamic – The courage to experiment

Passion, adaptability, courage. These are just some of the basics we relied on, when we laid the groundwork for ”the story” called Tracknamic.
The genesis? A bunch of hearty young people from northwestern Romania, animated by the same goal: to build a platform that will revolutionize the telematics industry.

From the very beginning, we had a resolution from which we never deviated in the five years of existence: we were with customers and partners, at all stages, observing and analyzing carefully everything that involves the transport industry. We understood both the needs of managers, directors of large companies, but we also went down, with a lot of realism, in garages and „under cars”, empathizing with the daily reality of mechanics, electricians and drivers. Only in this way we could have a real and assumed overview of the needs of the transport markets or fleet management. Thus, we laid the foundations of a telematic product, fleet monitoring, which manages to facilitate the entire workflow of the transport companies.

We innovate. We create. We dare.

What makes us different from other telematics companies?

The curiosity and the desire to always get more from ourselves. The transport industry has always been in a continuous dynamic, and we are here to offer our partners the best.

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We are continuously dynamic, and we are here to offer our partners the best. We are continuously adapting and developing a solution that keeps up with the needs of the transport companies, as well with the latest trends in information technology.
The development of a telematic product means lifelong learning, the courage to make mistakes and to recover in the shortest time.
We decided to start from the problems of current solutions to find innovative ways to solve them. We understand the basic flows and we go to the basic needs of the transport companies, thus managing to respond to a consistent palette of needs in the field.

With the help of the Tracknamic platform, car fleet managers will benefit from:
-flexibility to implement new software requests
-an information system dedicated to transport companies
-streamlining the business and optimizing transportation costs
-process facilitation and automation
-cost and profit reduction
-acces to real-time fleet information
-map monitoring (vehicles can be tracked in real time on the interactive map with the exact location display)
-fleet status reports
-fixing the space-time perimeters (defining the space and time limits according to the company’s requirements)
-route optimization

If you want to find out more details about Tracknamic packages, you can contact us at +40 786 977 288.