Is it important to monitor fuel consumption?

As the price of the fuels is constantly rising, the fleet monitoring is of major importance for the productivity and growth of companies. Because we are interested in and directly involved in vehicle monitoring, Tracknamic offers the complete fleet management solution, increased productivity and fuel economy, comprehensive reports and a better overall understanding of how your company operates logistically. 

Moreover, Tracknamic is an efficient solution for fleet management and from a financial point of view so you will notice that the multiple expenses you were subjected to so far, will decrease considerably. Monitoring with the Tracknamic device is very important to increse driver safety, thus avoiding car accidents.
This system also offers comfort to drivers who are constantly supervised by the fleet administrator. In this way, significant reductions in fuel consumption can also be achieved, as drivers drive more responsibly or can be guided in this direction by the fleet administrator/management. At the same time, the risks of damage to the vehicle can be prevented by eliminating the aggressive driving style of the driver, thus significant fuel reductions can be obtained, but you can extend the life expectancy of the vehicle. This also reduces maintenance costs.

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The industries in which the Tracknamic device can be used are numerous, from agriculture to personal use, and through accurate measurements and proper fleet management, fuel consumption can decrease by significant percentages to benefit your budget.
Tracknamic is not just a device for company owned fleets, it can also be used for personal purposes. Any family’s budget is important, so feel free to save where you can. The Tracknamic device helps you understand better the routes you take, reduce risks and make significant fuel savings.

The advantages of the Tracknamic solution for fuels:
-Reduce company/personal costs for consumption
-Provides a good perspective on the whole set of vehicles owned by a company
-The economic and ecological way in terms of driving
-Protection against theft of fuel

Questions about Tracknamic?
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