Innovation and business development go hand in hand, as there is an urgent need to find competitive advantages in a competitive market like transport. Tracknamic offers the promise of high efficiency, higher revenues and uniform processes. Our solution gives you more than control!

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“We felt that Tracknamic was the best fit for our development plan. We made this choice primarily because of the digitisation system offered. We were impressed by the team's aptitude for information and openness to everything new and innovative”

Bogdan Saulea
Transport Manager
Blue River

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“We can define Tracknamic by performance!
Tracknamic has been a great potential for us to grow and, in turn, gave us the chance to offer our customers a much better quality of the services. Furthermore, we have noticed that it is a practical and extremely reliable solution for fleet tracking, which facilitates the development of complex applications and integrations.”

Ștefan Lucău
Operational Manager
Dunca Expediții

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“From the beginning, we looked for a partner who understood the fleet management needs of Vio Trans Grup. We needed a solution that was compatible with our infrastructure and operational flows. Tracknamic turned out to be the answer to the problems that we've encountered. First of all, I appreciate the flexibility and proactive approach of the Tracknamic team.”

Codruț Munteanu
Security Manager
Viotrans Grup

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”From our point of view Tracknamic has entered the market strongly with experienced people specialized in telematics. Although it is a start-up company, the prospects of our collaboration with them look to be productive, as they are open to proposals that can help us optimise transport and logistics within our company”

Valentin Roșu
Transport Manager
Corsarul Roșu

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Passion, adaptability, courage

These are the fundamentals of Tracknamic.

We are a handful of ambitious people from the North-West of Romania determined to revolutionize fleet management and telematics for the transportation industry.  

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Pioneers through innovation

We have taken the risk to experiment, to open up new ways and perspectives on fleet management. We continuously explore to improve workflows and find solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.
We love the risk that comes along with innovation and it draws us to defy the impossible!

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A perfectly integrated ECOSYSTEM

We have built an ecosystem where processes are clear and automated, and flows connect transport companies, subcontractors, ware houses, logistics centres, platforms of major transport consumers. 

We have undertaken to open new paths and perspectives...

We invite you to innovate with us!

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Istvan Barta

CEO Tracknamic

With a high dose of curiosity, analytical approach and technical expertise, we study the challenges needs and desires of our customers. Thus, with a certain risk-taking, we have the courage to innovate! Furthermore, we propose this aspect to all transport companies: let’s lay the foundations of an ECOSYSTEM based on professionalism, transparency and integration! An ecosystem where processes are clear and automated and flows connect tractionists, subcontractors, shipping companies, logistics centers, platforms for large transport consumers!

Phone: +40 727 114 778
E-mail: istvan.barta@tracknamic.com


Meet our experts

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Ovidiu Vîlceanu

Senior Sales Manager Tracknamic

Ovidiu Vîlceanu is the man you want by your side when you face a difficult problem. He is always on top of the situation and focused on finding the best solutions, and our clients appreciate him for these qualities. An empath by definition, Ovidiu is a man of detail and getting things done right.

With over 20 years of sales experience, Ovidiu has been through every possible challenge and now ensures that the entire sales team consistently achieves their goals.

"I am also happy and motivated to be part of an ambitious project that has set itself very high standards. We are a team with vision, where ownership, respect and open dialogue come first!"

Phone: +40 786.977.292
E-mail: ovidiu.vilceanu@tracknamic.com

What our clients say about Ovidiu Vîlceanu

"We had the pleasure to meet Ovidiu Vîlceanu before he joined Tracknamic. The fact that he gained our trust played a decisive role in choosing our new telematics partner. Ovidiu is an open and attentive person in the collaboration relationships"

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 Alexandru Roșu

Transport Manager Corsarul Roșu

"Seriousness, integrity and commitment. This is how I could define Ovidiu Vîlceanu, the account manager, in just three words, and we have built an excellent relationship with him during our collaboration."

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Codruț Munteanu

Security Manager Vio Trans Grup

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Petru Tănase

Senior Sales Representative

Rigorous, proactive and committed, Petru Tănase is our senior sales representative. Assertive and gifted with a well-developed sense of communication, he is able to face any challenge.
With more than 15 years of experience in sales, Petru is always ready for any situation and understands the needs of our partners.

"It's a good opportunity to gain experience, learn new and interesting things. It's a project that is taking shape day by day and I like to think that I have contributed to the development and maturation of Tracknamic."

Phone: +40 786.977.289
E-mail: petru.tanase@tracknamic.com

What our clients say about Petru Tănase

"Mr. Petre Tănase is a great person, always available to support the needs of the client, a model that inspires confidence for the field in which he works.
If I had to characterize him in two words, they would be: concern and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Eugen Nicușan

Economic Engineering

"Integrity, professionalism, solving in a very short time the various problems that arose. These are the first things I think of when we talk about Petre Tănase!"

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George Dincă

Head of Technical Department, Valmar

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Oliver Săman

Regional Sales Representative

Oliver Săman is Tracknamic's Regional Sales Representative and has proven from the very beginning that he is serious and committed to his position.

Energetic and ambitious, Oliver proves time and time again that perseverance and communication skills are the most important attributes of a sales representative.

"I'm always looking to reinvent myself, learn new things and grow. I get totally involved when I start a new professional project. I feel I find myself in this position, I like the team and the Tracknamic dynamic."

Phone: +40 786.977.295
E-mail: oliver.saman@tracknamic.com

What our clients say about Oliver Săman

The collaboration with Tracknamic is a great help for our company after the implementation of the IMI platform. We want to develop our collaboration on the telematics side as well. Oliver is a very committed account representative, he has always promptly solved the problems we faced. Moreover, he is the kind of person who is always on call and this is very important for us.

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Ildi Aron

Inovativ Logistic

"We have a very good collaboration with Oliver Săman and Tracknamic. Always attentive to customer needs and proactive, Oliver manages to be an example of reliability in the field. The Tracknamic solution is the way we managed to digitize and streamline our company's workflows.

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Sergiu Bojor

DS Bojor

Contact us!


+40 786.977.288



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