What is a car fleet?

A car fleet is a group of cars owned by a company, agency or organization, such as car rental companies, taxi companies, transport companies, utility distribution companies etc.
In a world in constant motion through diveristy and technological dynamics, where time has become an extremely important resource in carrying out activities, synthesizing information in the most useful and fast way is of major importance in the evolution and progression of companies.

For any modern business model that includes checking, controlling and managing a number of vehicles today, it is absolutely necessary to have a professional management system that you can rely on, in the evolution of your company.

Optimal control for a car fleet?
The functionalities and benefits of such a system are numerous, and these may include the management of the following characteristics: administrative, map monitoring, fleet status, points of interest, route setting, spatio-temporal perimeters, well fuel consumption, document management, financial forecasting, route and logistics optimization, reports and service alerts.
A professional system that helps you manage all the mentioned functionalities, meant to have a better understanding of how the car fleet works, is Tracknamic.

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It has been developed to meet any needs that a company may encounter in the optimal control of a car fleet. Also, a well-managed car fleet reduces the risk of unnecesary investment, so fleet maintenance and costs are kept to a minimum, improving efficiency and productivity. In this highly competitive field of the market, where the price of fuel is constantly rising, diagnosing the car fleet with the help of the Tracknamic device is the solution to many of the administrative problems you may encounter in the proper management of resources.
All available data is presented in a modern, intuitive and easy to use system for the fleet administrator. Also the data control and the management can be done from any modern mobile device avalable today.

Questions about Tracknamic?
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