Tracknamic – mindset, attitude and effort vs current challenges

Resolutions at the end of the year have a long time since loosing their substance. We live in an age where we are afraid of future plans, given that the global socio-economic situation has become an ”ocean of shifting sands”. How do we draw the line at the end of a difficult year? We had a short discussion with Tracknamic CEO, Istvan Barta, about how you can evolve despite the bad times and how can you keep your courage and optimism without falling into disappointment.

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How was 2021 for Tracknamic?

Istvan Barta: ”2021 was the year we redefined ourselves. We chose to use the moment of respite (an unwanted one, to be honest) given by the socio-economic circumstances, to listen to our partners, to decipher the ”DNA” of Tracknamic and the solution we are offering. This has helped us to anchor ourselves in the culture formed in the company, to define our vision for the future and to assume the MISSION that awaits us. We had hudreds of meetings, workshops, analyzes, discussions and sketches. It was a year that let us did our homework and got to the point where we can ”pilot” the new version of the platform which, over time, will become an important transport and logistics ecosystem”

How do you rate this year’s success?

I.B: “It is certain that the last period was a difficult one for the telematic segment. Despite this, we managed to expand our team and portfolio. Moreover, we are pleased to note that we have managed to double our business this year as well, in terms of annual recurring revenue (ARR). I believe that, above all, the greatest achievement is that we have been able to innovate and help our customers adapt to the accelerating changes in the industry.”

Which were the biggest challenges this year?

I.B: “The biggest challenge this year was organising the meetings for workshops with our clients. The limitations and reluctance of the real meetings, in the pandemic context, have been an obstacle both for workshops, for the training process and for the presentations to potential partners. The economic and legislative uncertainty perceived by transport companies was also a challenge, as it generated some anxiety about change, and here we are talking about any kind of change. During the period of danger(as this pandemic interval is perceived by many people), the emotional instinct becomes one of conservation. In the “survival mode”, the focus is on self-preservation, on routine and thus a “neophobia” appears. All media channels amplify the perception of crisis, of danger!
The consequence is clear: only a small number of managers have managed to inhibit the emotional instinct and activated a rational response.
What does this rational answer imply?
Understanding that we are going through a period of change and awareness of the need for evolution, investment, innovation. These are the strenghts that allow fleet managers and beyond to become more agile, connected, flexible and adaptable to new market trends.”

What are your priorities for next year?

I.B: “ We do have a number of priorities for next year, but I’ll present only the most important ones:
First of all, we want to publicly launch the “TRACKNAMIC ECOSYSTEM”, which is currently under development and a pilot project for our close partners. What we can already say about the new transport and logistics ecosystem, based on the feedback received after the first tests and presentations, is that we redefine the approach to transport management and propose a new concept of flows and processes that go beyond the traditional boundaries of the organization.
The second priority is to launch new modules, services and complementary products, integrated in the solution. With this approach we want not only to provide a SINGLE CONTROL PANEL FOR ALL FLOWS in the transport company, but also a whole portfolio of products and services integrated.
Another aspect that we’ll focus on continuously will be to keep our customers close, to listen to them and to help them overcome the difficulties that the next period will bring for the transport segment. To do this, we are arming ourselves with dozens of integrations already launched and with a dedication to any new development needed to meet future challenges.”

How do you see the transformation of the Tracknamic company?

I.B: “I want for Tracknamic one thing: to become the best transport and logistics platform, that will catalyze the growth of the entire transport segment!”

How do you feel the Tracknamic project represents you?

I.B: ”I resonate with the Tracknamic team and the common values that we all tacitly, unconsciously adhered to: our associates, employees,, customers and collaborators. Values such as courage, trust, sincerity, team spirit, flexibility and affinity for innovation are the solid foundation that defines us 100%. There are traits that we believe in and that serve as a framework for decision making.”

How far do you want to take Tracknamic’s story?

I.B: “To the moon! I feel that very often. Returning to a more pragmatic and concrete answer, I want to take Tracknamic to the point where it is the market leader in a segment defined by us, more precisely: -THE BEST ECOSYSTEM FOR TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS IN EUROPE! When we get there, I’ll consider that I have completed my leadership mission and I will retire from the operational team. However, I’ll remain responsible for the development strategy and a guardian of the values that underlie the entire construction”

Why should people in the industry care about Tracknamic?

I.B: “I think the reason why others should care about what we do is the nonconformist approach, in a time when the whole transportation system is in a process of transformation. Our new approach is no longer based on replicating the functionalities that everyone has. With a high dose of curiosity, analytical approach and technical expertise, we study the challenges needs and desires of our customers. Thus, with a certain risk-taking, we have the courage to innovate! In an industry where people are reluctant to collaborate, we propose this aspect: let’s lay the foundations of an ECOSYSTEM based on professionalism, transparency and integration! An ecosystem where processes are clear and automated and flows connect tractionists, subcontractors, shipping companies, logistics centers, platforms for large transport consumers!”

Let 2022 come!