This module provides the ability to receive order details from the customer via multiple platforms.
Furthermore, orders can be created automatically through integrations.

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Easy to use

With the right configurations, the system can handle the planning of fully or partially loaded semi-trailers, groupage or planning for the logistics and distribution area.

The system can be configured to group orders automatically according to set criteria:
-type of transport
-type of planned resource used
-day(s) of pick-up or delivery, depending on limitations/cargo/floor length/number of pallets/tonnage/volume.

Mobirise Website Builder

    Easy integration

If you want the planner to also do customer support for the order, he will be able to get follow-up feedback from both Tracknamic telematics and other telematics companies.

We simplify operational department processes through a "one-stop-shop" approach.

You will be able to assign tasks according to resources.

Once a task is assigned to a resource, planning in the operational sense is complete. There are some additional functionalities that can be integrated to facilitate planning or dispatching.

Mobirise Website Builder


Mobirise Website Builder

Orders to assign vehicles can be fully automated, partially automated or manual

Mobirise Website Builder

Orders will be displayed both geo-spatially or as a pyramidal table-view

Mobirise Website Builder

Order management and asset management have dedicated views to find asset for order or order for asset.

Mobirise Website Builder

The system has the ability to calculate a realistic ETA and estimated cost through integrated Map&Guid

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