Mobility Package

Easy compliance with EU mobility legislation.

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When do you have to complete the declarations?

The driver is detached when he makes:

cross-trade operations
cabotage operations

The driver is not detached when he makes:

international bilateral transport operations transit through the territory of a Member State without operations
limited additional activities (cross-trade)
initial and final stages of combined activities (intermodal)

Some important tips from our consultants

Don’t complete the declarations for all drivers, for all European countries, for maximum periods!
This action may generate additional background checks.
Don't complete the declarations until you have to!
You’ll not be able to submit retroactive declarations in case of a future control.
It’s not enough to insert the country name in the tachograph!
The company is responsible for completing the declarations.
Don't ignore completing these declarations!
The failure to submit declarations for an operator is a good reason for a substantive check.

What we have to do:

Steps to follow

First step - First of all, you need to make your company account on
Second step - Upload your list of drivers
Third step - Create, edit and renew statements when necessary.

Documents required during the detachment:
Posting declaration
Tachograph files

Mobirise Website Builder
Clarifications for the Mobility Package

In the case of an IMI portal check, the following documents must be submitted within eight weeks:

.DDD file
CMR or e-CMR
Remuneration calculation and proof of payment
Employment contract
Time sheets files

Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder

It's not a matter of filing the declarations, it's knowing when, for whom and how to submit them, when to edit or extend them.

The laborious part cannot be outsourced, the provision of data is still up to you and your team.

But everything can be digitised and automated!


Three simple steps

Configure the rules
Configure your company settings easily with the help of our experts.
It takes only 10 minutes!

Upload your drivers
Upload your driver list quickly and easily with several available methods.
You can also upload .ddd files for dynamic configuration.

Post declarations
Our software robots get to work right away, they don’t sleep, they work around the clock.
You get your time back!

Technology supported automated declarations

It’s easy to make a Posting Declaration, Right?

What about doing this for 17 different countries and 480 drivers each month?

And what about updating them with the right number plate as drivers switch trucks?

Who is monitoring if drivers are not entering countries without Submitted Posting declaration?

You need to have a team of robots to handle that!

Mobirise Website Builder
The right number
delivered by the system!

Salary calculation according to Mobility Package can be tricky.

We created a ready-made automatically report that includes the right hourly-rate, the right number of hours for each driver and for each country, so you can relax and focus on business growth.

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Mobirise Website Builder

Posting Declarations

Software robot to create large volumes of posting declarations automatically.

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Wage Calculation

Collect the right data to calculate driver's wage. Based on .DDD file downloaded daily.

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Continuous Sync

Update and renew posting declarations based on Tachograph data.

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Real-time Posting

Our Robot can create new posting declarations based on Telematics data.

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Driver Mobile App

Posting declarations automatically synced to Driver App in real-time.

Mobility Free
Automating declarations


  • We’re offering you a basic package that includes our automated statement creation and extension robot.
  • You have the option to change them in three clicks!
  • You’ll enter a hole new market! Only with one click, all the drivers, automatically, will get the new declaration in the app.
  • * for a maximum of 50 drivers

Mobility Premium
Advanced automations

5 euro

Per month

  • You’ll get our Robot, even more updated!
  • You can upload a tachograph file and the Robot will know which country with which number plates to declare.
  • When the driver changes the truck, the Robot automatically changes the declarations.
  • If you approach a country without a valid declaration, the Robot is on the lookout and makes an additional declaration on the spot… and much more.

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