The analytical process is integrated into the flows between
departments so that information and documents are always at your fingertips.

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This module is the top management level of strategic steering of the company, which defines the performance indicators and sets the procedural rules in the flows of the other modules. 

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We report all statuses and processes in the company!
Transport company managers will know very clearly what they are aiming for on a macro level and will adapt individual expectations for each employee according to the target.

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Report Studio

You will be able to collect and break down figures over a period of time by each department.
We are answering the following questions:
Where do we make profit?
Where do we make a loss?

Based on a number of fields (consumption, speed, profitability, tolls), we'll be able to structure the reports according to the interests we have. Depending the parameters we want to check, the database will tell us everything that is available on the subject.
Once we have structured the parameters we need, Report Studio will configure a new type of report that will be according to our interests.  

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Paperwork management of finalized orders

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Order documentation

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Order invoicing with an integrated invoicing app

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Data archiving for future use

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