Calculation and remuneration with Tracknamic Mobility

Transmec has implemented
Tracknamic Mobility

Case study - Transmec

Transmec RO is one of the most important logistics companies in Romania, with a fleet of over 160 trucks and 280 drivers. The company is part of the Transmec Group, a well-known provider of international transport, shipping and logistics services.

Complex challenges, multiple solutions

Implementing the requirements of the Mobility Package has been an additional pressure for Transmec, as it is for most transport companies in Europe, especially in the current socio-economical context. Exploding prices for insurance or fuel, the global pandemic situation, are just some of the challenges companies are facing at the moment.

”We are the telematics solution provider for Transmec and we have taken an active role in implementing the requirements of the Mobility Package. Transmec has thus become one of the main pilot customers for the Tracknamic Mobility solution.
The only enemy of this project was the very short implementation time. I can safely say that it was an endurance test for our team. The IMI platform was launched quite late, without specific modern integration technologies with other systems and with quite a few bugs in the first versions.”

Istvan Barta - CEO Tracknamic

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A result that lives up to expectations

The result of this pilot project is a new product called Tracknamic Mobility. A team of autonomous software robots that are orchestrated by clear processes and configuration rules. Transmec's management has simply specified when, to whom and by what rules declarations are submitted. They also specified the rules for calculating driver pay.

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Thus, Tracknamic Mobility's debut was as smooth and efficient as possible for our customers

Posting statements created in less than an hour

Automatically generated time and salary calculations

Hours of paperwork saved/month

Confirmation of a successful project

”Tracknamic Mobility has helped us to automate processes related to the Mobility Package regulations.
The application provides us with a team of software robots that automatically create and manage a large volume of posting declarations. Moreover, these are automatically renewed, integrated with TMS and telematics.
Drivers' pay for each country, respecting the minimum remuneration, is also automatically calculated by Tracknamic Mobility, based on tachograph data.”

Ana Maria Balog
Director Financiar, Transmec

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